The BridgeWave customer commitment extends beyond the product lifecycle

BridgeWave competes in a technologically-driven market fueled by market demands for wireless systems that increase network performance while lowering costs. To meet this need, BridgeWave continues to innovate and deliver new products that provide functionally richer technology and benefits. While this is part of product life cycle facts, we recognize that end-of-life milestones often prompt our customers to review how end-of-product-life will impact their networks. To assist our customers, BridgeWave has a process to help customers better manage end-of-life transitions and to understand the role that BridgeWave can play in helping to migrate to newer BridgeWave solutions over time.


When a BridgeWave product is discontinued…

BridgeWave does not sell-and-forget. Our goal is to offer the highest possible service for our established products so that our customers can leverage our technological advances along with the time advantage of extended product life.

We start the end-of-life (EOL) process with a formal notification to our distributors, resellers, and end customers who have purchased the affected product. The notification includes the milestone dates and also assures our customers that BridgeWave will:

Provide two months’ notice so our customers can evaluate their needs and place orders for radios and spares before the last-time-buy date.

This timeframe will allow you to manage the future of your network as it applies to products discontinued by BridgeWave.

Offer new products that are compatible with the product being discontinued to protect your network

These products will enable you to migrate your network to the newest solutions from BridgeWave on your schedule and when your budget allows.

Make available repair, return, and technical phone/email support services during the three years after the last-time buy announcement date. Repair and return services (45-day turnaround) will be available through the purchase of an Extended Warranty or per-event out of warranty repair requests.


Note: Support for discontinues products will be provided only to customers who have purchased an extended warranty, or converted their new product warranty coverage to an extended warranty prior to the expiration of the standard warranty. If the discontinued product is not available for replacement or repair, BridgeWave reserves the right to satisfy the support requirement by replacing the discontinued product with substantially equivalent hardware.

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Products

EOL Notification-Effective 07/25/2018

The below products will no longer be sold after September 25, 2018. Formal EOL notification was made on July 25, 2018. EOL NOTICE




BridgeWave will continue to provide warranty support for installed products provided warranties are current, and customers may buy extended warranties for these products. If a customer does not have an active manufacturer warranty or extended warranty, we will not offer telephone/e-mail support.

BridgeWave will also continue to provide repair services for installed products until December 31, 2023 (or earlier should parts become unavailable from suppliers). Our Customer Service engineers will also continue to field queries until this date via phone, e-mail, or the support portal for these products, and provide downloads of user manuals and firmware. No new firmware features will be added; however, we may provide support for bug-related issues until December 31, 2023.

Product Alternatives

Flex4G-1000, Flex4G-LITE, Flex4G-10000
BridgeWave is pleased to provide alternative solutions to the BW64, Flex4G-3000, and Flex4G-5000 systems with our Flex4G-1000, Flex4G-LITE,  and Flex4G-10000. All of these systems feature AES encryption for the highest data throughput security available today. Each offers an alternative to fiber in dense urban areas, and provides network operators with ultra-high capacity, highly secure backhaul system options that quickly and easily scale from 1Gbps to 10Gbps to meet future bandwidth requirements. The Flex4G-1000, Flex4G-LITE, and Flex4G-10000 systems support a broad range of applications including fiber extension, replacement, or redundancy; 3G/4G/5G backhaul; lease line replacement; disaster recovery; and shared networks.