BridgeWave puts fiber back in its place at the network core.

Backhaul – the network that carries traffic from the inside edge of the access network to the network core – can be as large and complex as the access network itself. And while backhaul has evolved from fiber only to include alternatives to fiber, the need for higher backhaul capacity, reliability, and security has seemed possible only with fiber. Until now.

Our new point-to-point systems meet that challenge head-on, delivering all the benefits of fiber at a fraction of fiber’s cost.

Fiber Extension

Extend your network reach. Save time. Save money.

The growth of today’s businesses depends on the availability of high quality broadband for voice, video – including interactive video and voice conferencing-, and data-intensive uploading and downloading. Laying fiber cable is costly, time consuming, and sometimes not even possible. BridgeWave wireless backhaul systems provide a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to increase backhaul network capacity without the hassles of new fiber to connect additional customers, under-served office buildings, and community anchor institutions.

“We have ample network capacity for at least the next decade. Our highly secure and reliable BridgeWave GigE network extension reinforces River Radiology’s ability to deliver diagnostic services and imaging report in a timely manner, enabling us to provide extremely responsive, top-quality patient care.”

Alice Omichi
IT Systems and PACS Administrator
River Radiology

Fiber Replacement

Build your own network in the sky. Attract more subscribers. Keep ahead of the competition.

Whether you are a large ISP serving an urban area or a smaller ISP serving a rural community, your subscribers want the fastest Internet access at the lowest possible cost. BridgeWave offers wireless backhaul systems that will enable you to support more subscribers per tower (lowering your CAPEX costs) and extend your service to new areas quickly and cost-effectively. And because all BridgeWave systems are carrier-class with virtually zero-downtime, your subscribers will be happy and unsusceptible to offers from your competition.

“A GigE wireless network can be established in the sky for a mere fraction of the dollars of assets in the ground. With BridgeWave’s virtual fiber, we can deploy a state-of-the-art network and offer robust services at affordable prices – years ahead of what traditional carriers and cable operators can deliver.”

Fred Matarazzo
Microwave Satellite Technologies Inc

Fiber Backup

Prepare for the worst. Have a Plan B. Be a hero.

The importance of a network backup plan is unquestioned since the events of 9/11.  Whether the network outage is caused by some type of natural disaster or terrorism, your network is your organization’s lifeline to recovery, both economic and human. A hardwired network is at risk when a disaster occurs, and often a return to service can take weeks and even months.  Used as a backup to your fiber, BridgeWave wireless backhaul systems can take over when your primary connections fail – easily, seamlessly, cost-effectively.

“The safety of Buncombe County employees and residents was our primary concern when evaluating a Gigabit wireless solution. BridgeWave’s gigabit wireless links ensured we would never lose network connectivity, which is critical when dealing with emergency assistance calls. The radios have provided flawless connectivity and offered fiber-equivalent service.”

Bryan Dillingham
Network Communications Manager
Buncombe County

Leased Line Replacement

Save money. Boost network performance. Own your network.

To be more competitive, businesses are driving their IT departments to improve productivity and control costs. And IT professionals are recognizing that high-capacity BridgeWave wireless systems are ideal to replace fiber leased lines. BridgeWave systems not only provide a rapid return-on-investment compared to the cost of leasing fiber lines, they also eliminate the costs of provisioning fiber lines and any fiber initial installation costs that may be needed when new fiber runs are required.

“BridgeWave offered what other vendors in the market didn’t – embedded AES encryption, link state propagation, a superior management interface and a reasonable price,” said Lint. “BridgeWave’s radios offer five-nines availability and can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of leasing Metro Area Ethernet service. The decision to go with BridgeWave was simple.”

Kevin Lint
Executive Director of Telecommunications and Network Services
Art Institute of Chicago