Corporate IT departments are under more pressure than ever before to improve network performance while lowering costs and protecting data – and BridgeWave responds with systems that meet these challenges

To be competitive, today’s businesses need seamless, high speed connectivity within multi-site facilities to collaborate, share information, and access corporate resources. So IT departments are tasked with delivering and supporting high-speed Internet access, indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi, VoIP phone systems, video conferencing, network recovery and backup, and – very often – security surveillance feeds.

BridgeWave understands these demands all too well, as an enterprise itself. So we deliver to enterprises around the world the same solutions we use in our own network – ultra-high capacity, fiber-quality performance, highly secure wireless backhaul systems that enable robust connectivity today and scale to meet tomorrow’s network demands.

“The benefits of gigabit wireless for reliability, performance, and ease of implementation make BridgeWave products an ideal connectivity option for adding new properties and increasing network resiliency.”

Andy Bomboy
Director, Network and Communications Services
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

No two enterprise backhaul networks are the same. Contact us to see how our solutions can benefit yours.

Field-proven wireless systems that deliver on their promises.

Ultra-high capacity to support WANs for Big Data, VoIP, video, LAN extensions

True alterative or backup to fiber

Scalable from 1Gbps to 10Gbps to grow as your network requirements increase

Maximum security for communications and data protection

We stand behind you with world-class support.

Because of their critical role in your network, your backhaul and systems must be ultra-reliable. Your wireless systems vendor must be ultra-reliable, too. Our technical support team of engineers is available to help with integrating BridgeWave systems into your network, designing paths to ensure maximum data throughput and availability, and answer all your questions whether simple or complex.