It takes more than a network of cameras to stream video into a command center. That’s where BridgeWave wireless multi-gigabit systems come in.

Video surveillance networks can span hundreds of square miles and use hundreds of networked video cameras. The networks supporting those cameras must have high capacity and lowest latency to carry the aggregated camera traffic to the various video surveillance centers and monitoring agencies. And capacity needs can add up fast, as high quality video cameras can each generate large amounts of traffic, depending on image resolution, frame rate, video compression type, number of monitoring and recording hours, and whether cameras operate continuously or are event driven.

To support this traffic volume, BridgeWave point-to-point systems provide fiber performance with the convenience and low cost of wireless. They are upgradeable from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, so your can scale your backhaul capacity as your needs increase. Plus, BridgeWave systems are easy to install, and provide 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that your video stays private.

BridgeWave for video surveillance

“Our goal is to reduce crime in major downtown areas by 30 percent within the first six months of installing the new video surveillance system. The central business district is essential to the economic success of our city and the Dallas Police Department is committed to using advancements in wireless IP video and networking to make downtown safer for the residents, businesses and members of the community who live, work and visit here.”

Tom Lawrence
Deputy Police Chief
Dallas Police Department

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Because of their critical role in your network, your backhaul and systems must be ultra-reliable. Your wireless systems vendor must be ultra-reliable, too. Our technical support team of engineers is available to help with integrating BridgeWave systems into your network, designing paths to ensure maximum data throughput and availability, and answer all your questions whether simple or complex.