Connectivity when it is needed most. Dependability when communications are critical. Rapid deployment when every minute counts. BridgeWave point-to-point systems deliver on all fronts.

Disasters are inevitable and unpredictable. For an enterprise, a disaster means the abrupt disruption of all or part of its business operations, which may result in revenue loss. For government and military operations, it means the cessation of critical communications, which may result in loss of lives. That is precisely why existing telecommunication connections need redundant systems allowing secondary transmission paths to become available instantaneously if the primary path fails.

BridgeWave’s highly-reliable point-to-point wireless links provide carrier-grade availability and secure connectivity as backup for existing fiber paths to support VoIP communications, streaming video, and data transfer. They are easy to install and can be deployed within a single day.

“As an Ivy League institution, Cornell’s network must run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, we wanted to develop a network system that would allow access to critical applications during emergency situations. Security features are paramount in order to protect transmitted data. BridgeWave’s links not only provide a solution to our previous network vulnerabilities, but also satisfy our disaster recovery initiatives.”

Ed Kiefer
Manager of Data Networking
Cornell University

No two backhaul networks are the same. Contact us to see how our solutions can benefit yours.

Field-proven wireless systems that deliver on their promises

Fast and easy to deploy

True backup to fiber

Scalable from 1Gbps to 10Gbps to meet specific redundancy requirements

Maximum security for communications and data protection

We stand behind you with world-class support.

Because of their critical role in your network, your backhaul and systems must be ultra-reliable. Your wireless systems vendor must be ultra-reliable, too. Our technical support team of engineers is available to help with integrating BridgeWave systems into your network, designing paths to ensure maximum data throughput and availability, and answer all your questions whether simple or complex.