We understand your challenges and offer systems that solve them head-on.

The number of mobile devices in the world already outnumbers the world population. Your subscribers want more data, and they want it faster and cheaper. Your boards and investors want higher customer retention and attraction rates, more revenue, and greater bottom-line profit. While adding more fiber will solve the first challenge, it falls woefully short meeting the others.

BridgeWave wireless systems not only deliver the ultra-high capacity, fiber performance that your subscribers demand today and well into the future, they cost far less than leased fiber lines or to purchase, install, and maintain.

  • Avoid fiber construction delays

  • Avoid/eliminate leased fiber lines

  • Enable future-proof capacity

No two mobile backhaul networks are the same. Contact us to see how our solutions can benefit yours.

Field-proven wireless systems that deliver on their promises – higher capacity, lower cost.

Longer range deployment with multi-gigabit capacity

True alternative or backup to fiber

Maximum security for communications and data protection

Upgradability to meet growing capacity demands

We stand behind you with world-class support.

Because of their critical role in your network, your backhaul and fronthaul systems must be ultra-reliable. Your wireless systems vendor must be ultra-reliable, too. Our technical support team of engineers is available to help with integrating BridgeWave systems into your network, designing paths to ensure maximum data throughput and availability, and answer all your questions whether simple or complex.