Attracting and retaining subscribers comes down to delivering faster, cheaper, and highly reliable access, and BridgeWave systems enable all that – and more.

If you are an ISP, your network is the lifeline of your revenue whether you serve business or residential customers – or a combination of both. “Best effort” wireless backhaul systems are fine until your customers start complaining about spotty network availability, and slow downloads. If you’re the only game in town, you’ll have to spend time fielding lots of complaints. Worse yet, if you have competition in your market, you’ll start losing customers.

BridgeWave systems not only deliver carrier-class dependability at a low price, but also capacities from 1Gbps to 10.7Gbps so –whatever the requirement – BridgeWave has the right system. And ALL of them offer optional AES encryption for maximum data and communications protection.

BridgeWave in a broadband network

“With the BridgeWave system up and running, we were able to seamlessly transport bandwidth to the same location at less than one-tenth of the price we were quoted for symmetrical fiber service locally. In addition to being extremely cost-effective, the system allows for unparalleled range at fiber-equivalent speed.”

Justin Hornberger
Vice President of Operations
Spiral Communications

No two ISP backhaul networks are the same. Contact us to see how our solutions can benefit yours.

Field-proven wireless systems that deliver on their promises.

Proven and scalable to multi-gigabit capacity

Lowest total-cost-of-ownership

City-center data throughput speeds

Quick and easy deployment

Maximum security for communications and data protection

We stand behind you with world-class support.

Because of their critical role in your network, your backhaul and systems must be ultra-reliable. Your wireless systems vendor must be ultra-reliable, too. Our technical support team of engineers is available to help with integrating BridgeWave systems into your network, designing paths to ensure maximum data throughput and availability, and answer all your questions whether simple or complex.