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Fixed Networks


High-capacity business services, cellular / Wi-Fi / WiMAX backhaul, fiber backbone extensions, redundant fiber overlays, municipality mesh backbone and temporary connections.


Network service providers have traditionally utilized copper cabling to provide business services and to provide backhaul for their cellular networks. When copper cabling is not available (or is owned by a competing operator), low-capacity (< 45 Mbps) point-to-point wireless links are often used as a copper cable substitute. As capacity requirements for business and backhaul applications are rapidly outgrowing copper cable capacities, operators are forced to install fiber optic cabling to handle the bandwidth requirements. In many instances, the costs and logistics of installing fiber cabling are prohibitive, and BridgeWave 60 GHz and 80 GHz wireless links offer operators a cost-effective wireless fiber alternative, supporting gigabit data rates. The very narrow antenna beamwidths support dense "hub and spoke" link deployments, without having the resort to the use of multiple frequency bands and equipment models. And unlike low-frequency license-free spectrum and free space optics solutions, 60 GHz and 80 GHz links can predictably deliver up to 99.999% availability anywhere in the world.

BridgeWave Value Proposition

BridgeWave is the only vendor to offer operators a choice of both 60 GHz and 80 GHz gigabit wireless links. Both technologies offer superior interference immunity and data security, with 60 GHz links providing the added flexibility of deployment anytime/anyplace and 80 GHz links providing additional range in a licensed-band solution featuring instant on-line link registration. BridgeWave gigabit radio links are the most widely deployed in the world - combined with BridgeWave's state-of-the-art HALT/HASS test methodology, "no waiting" customer service, and over five years of continuous ISO9001 certification, you can be confident selecting BridgeWave as your high-capacity wireless solution partner.