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Provide high-performance backbone connectivity for municipal private and public network deployments.


Municipal wireless networks support a wide range of applications including wireless Internet access, field network connectivity for public safety and other municipal staff, video surveillance public safety systems, public building connectivity, and traffic control and monitoring. Regardless of which applications are deployed, they share a common need for a reliable, high-performance network backbone to tie these solutions back into city and public core networks. These can include wireless access networks for the public and/or for city workers using WiFi, WiMAX, or 4.9GHz spectrum, IP camera deployments, and ultra high speed connectivity for public buildings such as city hall, libraries and schools.

BridgeWave Value Proposition

BridgeWave wireless bridges provide "future proof" gigabit capacity to support both today's and tomorrow's applications, without risking costly backbone network replacements. These ultra-low latency links support voice, data and video traffic (including real-time IP camera control), even when traversing multiple radio hops. By using 60-90 GHz spectrum for your backbone, you can preserve all of your 2-6GHz "access" spectrum to provide the highest possible capacity for your wirelessly-connected users and devices. BridgeWave's built-in Ethernet "add/drop" port allows you to connect wireless access points or IP cameras directly to the BridgeWave network backbone without the need for external Ethernet switches. BridgeWave also empowers mesh network deployments by providing high-capacity, low-latency data insertion points throughout the mesh deployment, eliminating backhaul bottlenecks. BridgeWave backbones can be configured in hub-and-spoke or back-to-back repeater configurations, or for the ultimate in network availability, they can be deployed in redundant ring and mesh topologies.

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