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Mobile backhaul: wireless backhaul for wireless 4G networks



Backhaul and aggregation for mobile networks including 2G / 3G migration as well as 4G next generation mobile service.


Today, copper-based T1/E1 circuits dominate mobile base station site backhaul, complemented by the use of 6-38 GHz microwave links when copper circuits are either unavailable, too costly, or take too long to deploy. As 4G capabilities are added to today's urban 2G/3G networks or are rolled out as green-field deployments, cell site backhaul and aggregation network requirements will rise from the tens and hundreds of megabits/second into the gigabits/second of capacity range. Low cell-site fiber penetration rates, coupled with often prohibitive costs of new fiber lateral deployment, will drive the adoption of "wireless fiber" high-capacity microwave and millimeter wave solutions as a technology upgrade for copper based services. Unlike copper circuits and leased fiber services, high-capacity uWave and millimeter wave solutions scale in performance up to the multi-gigabit performance range, without incurring a corresponding increase in operator costs.

These solutions provide highly-available connectivity at typical urban and medium-range backhaul distances and feature sufficient capacity to simultaneously support legacy TDM and rapidly-growing IP packet traffic. With worldwide adoption of the 80 GHz spectrum band underway, 80 GHz links are well-positioned to fulfill a critical enabling role for emerging 4G mobile deployments.

BridgeWave Value Proposition

BridgeWave offers operators a choice of high-capacity, true full-rate gigabit connectivity utilizing traditional licensed microwave frequency bands as well as the newer upper-millimeter wave frequencies at 60 GHz and 80 GHz. These wireless solutions are an excellent alternative to fiber in both cost and speed of deployment. Operators realize a tremendous savings on leased or constructed fiber circuits with the use of BridgeWave links while maintaining complete control of their network. BridgeWave's millimeter wave solutions are the most widely deployed in the world. Considering BridgeWave's state-of-the-art HALT / HASS test methodology, "no waiting" customer service, and over seven years of continuous ISO 9001 certification, you can be confident selecting BridgeWave as your high-capacity wireless solution partner.

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