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Solutions Center: wireless gigabit Ethernet bridges for metro Ethernet networks


BridgeWave’s highly reliable wireless links ensure continuity of data transfer in the event of a disaster.

The resiliency, reliability and security of information technology and communications infrastructure are essential to the productivity and in some cases, profitability of enterprise, service provider, and government networks, including municipal and military applications.  Businesses cannot afford interruptions or tolerate any downtime caused by natural forces or man-made disasters and must be doing their utmost to minimize the impact of such a calamity. Existing telecommunication connections, especially for sensitive applications, should have some form of redundancy which allows secondary transmission paths to become available instantaneously should the primary path fails due to ground-based or any other disturbances.

BridgeWave's highly-reliable 60 GHz and 80 GHz wireless links provide carrier-grade availability and secure connectivity as backup for existing fiber paths. Suited for backhauling high capacity data, voice and video streams, BridgeWave’s low latency wireless links are fast, easy to install and can be deployed within a single day.

Cornel University and Buncombe County are two examples of organizations that selected BridgeWave’s gigabit wireless links to harden their network and ensure real-time data access. Click on Cornell press announcement and Buncombe County press announcement to learn more about these successful installations.