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FL4G-3000 3 Gbps 3000 Mbps wireless link
FL4G-LITE (ANSI) Datasheet    FL4G-LITE (ETSI) Datasheet

As the demand for backhaul capacity escalates, BridgeWave responds with an ultra-high capacity 80GHz system offered at industry-leading price points

The Flex4G-LITE is an ultra-low cost E-band (70/80GHz) millimeter wave system delivering up to 3Gbps full-duplex data throughput per radio. Its high capacity and availability, coupled with its long range, make it the ideal system for wireless interconnects. Lightweight and compact, the Flex4G-LITE features a single optical interface carrying 2.5 Gbps of capacity, greatly simplifying deployment and minimizing the installation and connectivity costs typically incurred with legacy systems requiring multiple fiber runs.

With carrier networking features including CPRI protocol, the FL4G-LITE all-outdoor radio is the clear choice for carriers and ISPs seeking to quickly scale deployments and increase subscriber revenue. Its fiber quality performance makes it ideal for a broad range of applications including business and residential broadband, HD video surveillance, and mobile and Wi-Fi backhaul.

BridgeWave offers a wide range of antenna options for the FL4G-LITE including a 90cm antenna to maximize range and an integrated antenna (for ETSI markets) to further simplify installation. FL4G-LITE is the first 80GHz radio with the option of a higher gain 3-foot antenna, enabling operators to reach distances far beyond those of conventional E-band systems.

Key features of the FL4G-LITE include:

  • 3Gbps data rate per 1+0 radio with up to 6Gbps per 2+0 radio
  • Adaptive Code Modulation from QPSK to 64QAM and Automatic Transmit Power Control to maximize range under different conditions
  • 2.5 & 1G Ethernet interfaces along with CPRI (Mode 1-4) support for enhanced flexibilities
  • Outstanding RF performance benefiting from highly integrated architecture
  • Carrier grade Layer 2 switch supporting Ethernet functionality and Timing Synchronization
  • Integrated 20cm antenna (ETSI) or external 30cm, 60cm, or 90cm antennas

Primary Applications:

  • Business and residential broadband
  • Mobile and Wi-Fi backhaul
  • HD video surveillance


BridgeWave's Advanced Security Options add another layer of data protection to BridgeWave's inherently secure wireless links, providing the most secure gigabit wireless solutions available.

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AES Advanced Encryption Standard built in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES):
  • 256-bit key length AES - the strongest data encryption available
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Cipher Block Chaining (128-bit blocks) conceals patterns in plain-text
  • Meets "Top Secret" security standards
  • Avoids costly, complex, lower-performing external-box solutions
  • Includes Secure Management Option to protect symmetric key configuration
  • Factory hardware option for all AdaptRate products
Secure Management:
  • Secure (256-bit AES) HTTPS access to network management agent
  • RADIUS user authentication client
  • Meets US Army IMOD program security requirements
  • Software field upgrade for all current product models

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