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FL4G-3000 3 Gbps 3000 Mbps wireless link
FL4G-5000 (ANSI) Datasheet    Flex4G-5000 (ETSI) Datasheet

BridgeWave continues to respond to demands for higher backhaul capacity with the Flex4G‑5000

The Flex4G-5000 is an E-band (70/80GHz) millimeter wave system delivering up to 5.35Gbps full-duplex data throughput per radio. It is available in two models: the Flex4G-5000 ANSI and Flex4G-5000 ETSI. The ANSI system delivers up to 5.35Gbps full duplex capacity per radio, and is scalable to 10.7Gbps in a 2+0 configuration; the ETSI system delivers 4.7Gbps full duplex throughput per radio and scales to 9.4Gbps in a 2+0 configuration. These ultra-high capacity systems boast increased system gain for the highest throughput at the longest distance. Each offers operators an alternative to fiber in dense urban areas, and provides public and private network operators with a backhaul system that quickly scales to meet future capacity requirements.

The all outdoor Flex4G-5000 alleviates the strain of backhaul connections by combining advanced radio and modem capabilities with carrier-grade 10G Ethernet, CPRI, and SONET/SDH features at the lowest total cost of ownership. The radio system supports highly integrated RF and spectrally efficient signal processing techniques to provide for the longest link distances, while maintaining multi-gigabit speeds and offering carrier grade features. Further enabling future-proof transport, Flex4G-5000 allows operators to flexibly provision links across multiple network topologies including mixing Ethernet, CPRI, and SONET/SDH traffic.

Key features of the FL4G-5000 include:

  • 5.35Gbps data rate (ANSI) per 1+0 radio, 10.7Gbps per 2+0; 4.7Gbps data rate (ETSI) per 1+0 radio, 9.4Gbps per 2+0;
  • 10Gbps Ethernet interface
  • Radio link aggregation to combine capacity from multiple radios to a single Ethernet cable, simplifying operational logistics and reducing costs
  • Adaptive Code Modulation to 64QAM ANSI or 256QAM ETSI
  • 1000/1250 MHz ANSI or 250/500/750MHz ETSI
  • Highest bit/Hz spectral efficiency at the longest link distances
  • Outstanding RF performance benefiting from highly integrated architecture
  • LDPC FEC providing threshold improvement over other FEC technologies
  • RF channel tuning across the entire 70/80 GHz band in 250 MHz steps
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control
  • Low power consumption and Power-over-Ethernet Optional
  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption

The new Flex4G-5000 radio systems have been designed for use in a wide range of applications:

  • Fiber extension/replacement – the last mile gap between the fiber backbone and commercial buildings not accessible by fiber, whether a fiber ring or a hop across the street. Much less costly than laying new fiber.
  • 3G/4G backhaul – multi-gigabit links that allow operators seamless transition to 5G.
  • Lease line replacement – eliminate recurring monthly leased line costs.
  • Redundancy – fiber-quality wireless backup to fiber for mission-critical data.
  • Disaster recovery – networks that need to be deployed quickly without fiber dependency, eliminating wait time for approvals, permits, etc.
  • Shared networks – ultra-high capacity hops shared among two or more network operators

The Flex4G-5000 sets a new standard in capacity, data throughput, flexibility, and value. Not only does the system offer exceptional performance and carrier-grade features, it dramatically lowers the cost per megabit to provide mobile operators, service providers, and enterprises with the lowest total cost of ownership.


BridgeWave's Advanced Security Options add another layer of data protection to BridgeWave's inherently secure wireless links, providing the most secure gigabit wireless solutions available.

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AES Advanced Encryption Standard built in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES):
  • 256-bit key length AES - the strongest data encryption available
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Cipher Block Chaining (128-bit blocks) conceals patterns in plain-text
  • Meets "Top Secret" security standards
  • Avoids costly, complex, lower-performing external-box solutions
  • Includes Secure Management Option to protect symmetric key configuration
  • Factory hardware option for all AdaptRate products
Secure Management:
  • Secure (256-bit AES) HTTPS access to network management agent
  • RADIUS user authentication client
  • Meets US Army IMOD program security requirements
  • Software field upgrade for all current product models

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