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FL4G-3000 3 Gbps 3000 Mbps wireless link
FL4G-3000 Datasheet    FlexPort White Paper

BridgeWave's legacy of delivering breakthrough millimeter wave systems continues with the FL4G-3000

In response to the increasing demand for higher capacity connections, BridgeWave offers network operators the Flex4G-3000 radio, the latest addition to its Flex4G-80 platform of ultra-high capacity millimeter wave radio systems. The FL4G-3000 provides full-duplex data rates of up to 3.2 Gbps in a single, zero-footprint all-outdoor solution. Given the exponential growth of bandwidth-intensive Internet traffic, the Flex4G-3000 offers 3G/4G operators a true alternative to fiber in dense urban areas, and provides public and private network operators with an ultra-high capacity backhaul system that quickly and easily scales from 1 Gbps to 6.4 Gbps (2+0 configuration) to meet future bandwidth requirements.

With its unique capability of aggregating different traffic types, the FL4G-3000 provides interfaces for backhaul and front haul connectivity. Simultaneous transport of legacy TDM (OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4) traffic along with gigabit Ethernet data provides future-proof backhaul for 4G/LTE networks and beyond, while connections to Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) can be easily accomplished with Flex4G-3000's built-in Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI). With the use of an Orthogonal Mode Transducer (OMT) and second radio, Flex4G-3000 easily supports full-duplex data rates up to six gigabits per second.

Key features of the FL4G-3000 include:

  • 3.2 Gbps data rate per 1+0 radio and up to 6.4 Gbps per 2+0 radio
  • Scalable from 1 Gbps to 6.4 Gbps for pay-as-you-grow flexibility
  • Adaptive Code Modulation from BPSK through 256QAM
  • 250 MHz or 500 MHz RF channel bandwidths
  • Highest bit/Hz spectral efficiency at the longest link distances
  • Outstanding RF performance benefiting from highly integrated architecture
  • Flexible configurations including 1+0, 1+1 and 2+0
  • RF channel tuning across the entire 70/80 GHz band in 250 MHz steps
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control
  • Environmentally friendly, compact and light weight zero-footprint ODU with low power consumption and Power-over-Ethernet
  • Integrated low-latency switch supporting jumbo frames and advanced Ethernet functionality including Quality of Service (QoS), VLAN support, Provider Bridge (Q-in-Q), Radio Link Aggregation (RLA), Ring Protection (RSTP, MSTP) and Ethernet OAM management
  • Optional FIPS-197 Certified 256-bit AES encryption

The new Flex4G-3000 radio systems have been designed for use in a wide range of applications:

  • Fiber extension/replacement – the last mile gap between the fiber backbone and commercial buildings not accessible by fiber, whether a fiber ring or a hop across the street. Much less costly than laying new fiber.
  • 3G/4G backhaul – multi-gigabit links that allow operators to “future proof” their 4G/LTE backhaul networks and allow seamless transition to 5G.
  • Lease line replacement – eliminate recurring monthly leased line costs.
  • Redundancy – fiber-quality wireless backup to fiber for mission-critical data.
  • Disaster recovery – networks that need to be deployed quickly without fiber dependency, eliminating wait time for approvals, permits, etc.
  • Shared networks – ultra-high capacity hops shared among two or more network operators

BridgeWave has delivered tens of thousands of millimeter wave radios globally and has set a new standard in capacity, performance, flexibility, and value with the Flex4G-3000. The system offers the right features at the right price, for diverse applications unmatched by other 80 GHz systems on the market today.


BridgeWave's Advanced Security Options add another layer of data protection to BridgeWave's inherently secure wireless links, providing the most secure gigabit wireless solutions available.

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AES Advanced Encryption Standard built in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES):
  • 256-bit key length AES - the strongest data encryption available
  • Full-rate Gigabit or Fast Ethernet performance under all traffic loads
  • Ultra-low latency - adds only 2 microseconds packet delay
  • Cipher Block Chaining (128-bit blocks) conceals patterns in plain-text
  • Meets “Top Secret” security standards
  • Avoids costly, complex, lower-performing external-box solutions
  • Includes Secure Management Option to protect symmetric key configuration
  • Factory hardware option for all AdaptRate products
Secure Management:
  • Secure (256-bit AES) HTTPS access to network management agent
  • RADIUS user authentication client (Sep 2007)
  • Meets US Army IMOD program security requirements
  • Software field upgrade for all current product models

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