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In The News

Light Reading Mobile 01/27/2015
Helping Millimeter Wave Achieve Its Potential
PCC Mobile Broadband 10/20/2014
BridgeWave Introduces Multi-Gigabit Millimeter Wave Wireless Backhaul and Front Haul Solutions

CNBC 07/15/2014
Global Millimeter Wave Equipment Market 2014-2018: Key Vendors are BridgeWave Communications, E-Band Communications, Siklu and Sub10 Systems

FierceWireless Tech 05/04/2014
BridgeWave unveils new backhaul and microwave radio link products

Wireless Magazine 03/31/2014
BridgeWave unveils new backhaul and microwave radio link products

Theo's Wireless WANgle 03/19/2014
REMEC acquires BridgeWave Assets...The Big News in the Wireless Biz – that you Never Heard.

CommsMEA 10/16/2013
BridgeWave introduces Flex4G-UHA wireless backhaul service

CommsMEA 10/07/2013
BridgeWave prepares for major product launch

Network Computing 04/19/2013
The Evolution of Wireless Bridging

Ciol 04/03/2013
Mobile backhaul market passes $8 billion

Fierce Mobile IT 04/02/2013
Millimeter wave market set to double in 2013, fueled by LTE backhaul, led by BridgeWave

4G-Portal 03/12/2013
Wireless Backhaul for LTE – interview with CEO of BridgeWave Communications

Telecom Engine 03/11/2013
MWC wrap-up: Vendors roll out backhaul solutions for small-cell complexity, more

Wireless Magazine 02/22/2013
MWC 2013: BridgeWave unveils latest millimetre wave 4G backhaul solution

Converge! Network Digest 02/21/2013
BridgeWave Debuts 80 GHz Mulit-Gigabit Backhaul for LTE
TMCnet 02/21/2013
BridgeWave Raises the Bar for Millimeter Wave 4G/LTE Backhaul Solutions With Flex4G

Hi-Tech Security Solutions 12/14/2012
Ultra-high capacity wireless links

Telecom Lead 12/05/2012
BridgeWave, E-Band and Siklu Lead Millimeter Wave Equipment Market

CommsMEA 10/16/2012
Comtinu helps telcos grow

SAMENA Telecommunications Council 10/16/2012
BridgeWave to expand into North Africa

IT News Africa 10/16/2012
BridgeWave To Expand Into North Africa

Telecom Paper 10/15/2012
BridgeWave expands with new channel partners in Middle East

IT Business Net 09/21/2012
BridgeWave Communications Receives Distinguished Telecom Council Award

Telecom Paper 06/27/2012
US Office selects BridgeWave 60 GHz wireless links

TMCnet 06/26/2012
Bergen County Sheriff's Office Selects BridgeWave's Millimeter Wave Wireless Solutions to Fortify Network Infrastructure

TMCnet 06/06/2012
BridgeWave's Fast Ethernet Wireless Solutions Enable Temporary Internet Access During Production of Marvel's Avengers Movie

University Business 05/23/2012
Wireless Backhaul Saves Campus About $400K

Data Center Post 05/17/2012
Network Hardening Using Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Solutions

Mobile Europe 04/25/2012
Small Cells, Big Backhaul Decision

Mobility Techzone 04/19/2012
BridgeWave Communications Hits $100 Million in Revenues

TMCnet 04/19/2012
BridgeWave Communications Celebrates $100M Cumulative Revenues Milestone

Government Health IT 03/06/2012
Bigger medical applications will require increased network capacity

Semiconductor Today 03/02/2012
BridgeWave using IBM's SiGe to enable low-cost 70/80 GHz transmission products for next-gen backhaul 03/02/2012
BridgeWave Shows Off Small Cells

Compund Semiconductor 02/27/2012
BridgeWave to advance wireless market with IBM SiGe technology

Wall Street Journal 02/27/2012
BridgeWave Communications Chooses Vitesse Mobile Access Switch Engine for Next-Generation Wireless Backhaul Equipment 01/24/2012
The Year Ahead - with BridgeWave's Amir Makleff
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Dow Jones Financial Information 01/10/2012
Intel Co-Leads $10.3M Investment In BridgeWave Communications

Light Reading Mobile 01/10/2012
BridgeWave Nabs $10.3M for 4G Backhaul

Silicon Valley San Jose Business Journal 01/10/2012
BridgeWave Communications raises $10.3M

Pipleline Magazine 01/05/2012
The Small Cell Revolution
FierceWireless 01/03/2012
Maravedis: 2012 wireless and mobile cloud predictions

Michigan Tech chooses wireless over fiber
Telecom Paper 11/30/2011
US College Selects BridgeWave to Offer Network Connectivity

Telecom Paper 11/29/2011
Spiral deploys BridgeWave's FlexPort µWave

Public Safety IT 11/28/2011
Police Get High-Tech Video Surveillance Boost in Dallas
Download PDF 11/03/2011
BridgeWave's PicoHaul Wins MobilityTechzone's Third Annual Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award / PicoHaul PG60C Selected for Its Commitment to Innovation Toward the Wireless Evolution
Download PDF 11/03/2011
BridgeWave's PicoHaul Wins MobilityTechzone's Third Annual Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award
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FierceWireless 10/31/2011
Integrating Smalls Cells Into Wireless Networks (eBook)
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Michigan Tech campus selects BridgeWave Gigabit wireless system as fiber alternative
CBS Detroit 10/17/2011
Michigan Technological University Saves $1 Million Using BridgeWave 80 GHz Ethernet Links
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Campus Technology 10/17/2011
Michigan Tech Uses Ethernet Radio To Bridge Campus Network
Download PDF 10/12/2011
BridgeWave Wins in Abu Dhabi
Download PDF 10/12/2011
UAE customs speeds up network
Download PDF 10/11//2011
Aspen Healthcare Increases Bandwidth Significantly at Cancer Centre London Using BridgeWave Gigabit Wireless Solution
Download PDF 10/10/2010
Reader Forum: Why 60 GHz matters for small cell backhaul
Download PDF 09/21//2011
BridgeWave CEO: Migration to Small Cells 'Next Big Thing'
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Campus Technology 07/27/2011
Chicago Art Institute Moves to Gigabit Wireless Network
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Telecom Paper 07/14/2011
SAIC deploys BridgeWave gigabit links 06/30/2011
Bloom Energy Installs BridgeWave's Gigabit Wireless Solutions
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Electronic Design 06/01/2011
Wireless Companies Follow The Roadmap Past 4G And On to 5G
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Dailywireless 05/27/2011
BridgeWave: Microcell 60 GHz Backhaul
Download PDF 04/27/2011
Microcells, oDAS and picocells: Small-cell architecture to stem wireless data deluge
Download PDF 04/01/2011
Bridgewave: Enabling Migration from 3G to 4G
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Mobile Dev & Design 03/30/2011
Tablets, Smart Phones, And 4G/LTE Dominate 2011 CTIA Wireless Conference
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Microwave Journal 03/30/2011
E-band Backhaul
Download PDF 03/29/2011
Making The Case For Wireless Backhaul For Small Cells

Network World 03/22/2011
LTE Performance will Hinge on Picocell Backhaul
Download PDF 03/22/2011
Wireless Backhaul: BridgeWave Releases PG60C to Help Operators Fulfill '4G Promise'
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Converge! Network Digest 03/21/2011
BridgeWave's New 60GHz Pipe Delivers Small Cell Backhaul
Download PDF 03/14/2011
BridgeWave Provided Strong Network Connectivity for 83rd Academy Awards with its Multi-Gigabit Wireless Solution
Download PDF 03/07/2011
BridgeWave's Multi-Gigabit Wireless Solution Provided Network Connectivity for 83rd Academy Awards® Ceremony
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Wall Street Select 03/07/2011
BridgeWave's Multi-Gigabit Wireless Solution Provided Network Connectivity for 83rd Academy Awards® Ceremony
Download PDF 02/15/2011
4G Wireless Evolution - BridgeWave Hits Milestone in High-Capacity Gigabit Wireless Systems Deployments
Download PDF 01/26/2011
BridgeWave Communications FlexPort µWave
Download PDF 01/24/2011
XO Communications Deploys BridgeWave's FlexPort
Download PDF 01/20/2011
XO Communications deploys BridgeWave's FlexPort80 links
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Dailywireless 01/19/2011
Backhaul Goes To 80
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Converge! Network Digest 01/19/2011
XO Deploys BridgeWave's FlexPort for Wireless Links
Download PDF 12/22/2010
Building on backhaul
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Network World 12/21/2010
Wireless WANs soon to be “macrocell-ed” out
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source domain 11/09/2010
Clearwire to Deploy 4G Supplier BridgeWave's Gigabit Radios in Its Network
Download PDF 11/09/2010
Clearwire Uses BridgeWave for Backhaul in New York City
Download PDF 10/17/2010
BridgeWave expands in Middle East
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source domain 10/17/2010
BridgeWave Intros High Capacity Network Connectivity to Stanford University's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve
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Telecom Paper 10/12/2010
Stanford University picks BridgeWave wireless links
source domain 10/05/2010
4G Wireless Evolution - BridgeWave Introduces 4G Backhaul Solution
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TMCnet 08/18/2010
4G Wireless Evolution - LTE: The Arrival is on the Horizon; BridgeWave Video
Download PDF 08/04/2010
The Benefits of using GigE Wireless
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TMCnet 07/15/2010
BridgeWave Leads The International Market of Millimeter Wave
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Semiconductor Today 07/14/2010
Millimeter-wave Backhaul Adoption Accelerating
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Dailywireless 07/14/2010
Gigabit Backhaul: The New Battlefield
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TMCnet 07/12/2010
Research and Markets: Global Digital PTP Radio Market Analysis & Forecast, 2009-2014, 6th Edition
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TMCnet 06/18/2010
Infonetics Research: NEC Moves to Top Position in Microwave Equipment in Q1 2010
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FierceWireless 06/14/2010
Designing a better backhaul network (eBook)
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MuniWireless 06/03/2010
Network Design Considerations for Wireless Video Surveillance
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Urgent Communications 06/02/2010
Bridgewave Touts Gigabit Radios as a Viable Backhaul Option
Download PDF 05/12/2010
BridgeWave Issues Top Five Backhaul Considerations for Carriers Looking to Exceed Subscriber Expectations
Download PDF 04/07/2010
Microwave backhaul and the future of 4G
Download PDF 03/30/2010
Interview with BridgeWave Communications 03/24/2010
CTIA 2010: Backhaul's Big in Vegas
Download PDF 03/23/2010
CTIA 2010 - BridgeWave's FlexPort 80 GHz gigabit wireless radio has been named a finalist in the Network Infrastructure at the CTIA's Emerging Technology Awards.
Download PDF 03/23/2010
BridgeWave Launches Newest Version of Flexport Family-Range of 80 Ghz Radios for Mobile Backhaul
Download PDF 03/22/2010
@CTIA; Products, demos and more
Download PDF 02/15/10
Gigabit Wireless Solutions Play Important Role in WiMAX & Next-Generation 4G Networks
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source domain 02/12/10
STAR 21 Launches High-Capacity Fixed Wireless Network with BridgeWave's FlexPort™ Product
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Earth Times 02/12/10
Redbridge Council Utilizes BridgeWave's Gigabit Wireless Links to Deliver High-Speed Public Safety Video Surveillance System
PDF 02/12/10
STAR 21 Launches High-Capacity Fixed Wireless Network with BridgeWave's FlexPort™ Product
Technology News World 02/10/10
AT&T Signs on Ericsson and Alcatel as 4G Network Builders
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TMCnet 02/03/10
BridgeWave to Provide Wireless Backhaul Video Surveillance Support for Super Bowl XLIV and the 2010 Pro Bowl
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Security Products Online 02/03/10
BridgeWave Communications Providing Network Backbone To Support Video Surveillance Traffic At Super Bowl
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EON Enhanced Online News 02/03/10
BridgeWave to Provide Wireless Backhaul Video Surveillance Support for Super Bowl XLIV and the 2010 Pro Bowl
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Security Sales & Integration 01/22/10
Super Surveillance: In an industry exclusive, SSI goes behind the scenes of Super Bowl XLIV to analyze the security plan for the big game.
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Economy Tribune 01/19/10
Selected for protecting the President
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Mobile Dev & Design 12/18/09
80 GHz Spectrum Is Secret To Successful 4G
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Earth Times 12/15/09
Redbridge Council Utilizes BridgeWave's Gigabit Wireless Links to Deliver High-Speed Public Safety Video Surveillance System
TMCnet 12/04/09
BridgeWave Supports Towerstream WiMAX Backhaul Network
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Converge! Network Digest 12/01/09
BridgeWave's 80 GHz Gigabit Links Support Towerstream's WiMAX Backhaul Net
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Wireless Week 12/01/09
FirstNews Briefs for December 1, 2009
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Mobile Dev & Design 11/13/09
Will 4G Networks Break The Bank?
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4G Wireless Evolution TMCnet 11/04/09
County of Hunterdon Deploys BridgeWave's AR60 and AR80X Point-to-Point Wireless Links
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Converge! Network Digest 10/20/09
BridgeWave's Gains EU Certification for its 80 GHz
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4G Wireless Evolution TMCnet 09/18/09
4G Wireless Evolution Announces Winners of the 2009 Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award
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Converge! Network Digest 09/09/09
To 4G or not to 4G: Supporting Exponential Mobile Traffic Growth
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Electronics Weekly 08/25/09
Q5 Interview - Guido Schreiner, The MathWorks
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To 4G or not to 4G: Supporting exponential mobile traffic growth
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Educause Quarterly 07/31/09
Gigabit Wireless for Network Connectivity
IT TMCnet 07/13/09
Highland Village in Texas Chooses BridgeWave's Wireless Links
Forbes 07/09/09
BridgeWave's Big Shortwave Bet
Earth Times 07/08/09
BridgeWave's Wireless Links Help Make Highland Village the Safest Town in Texas
TMCnet 06/29/09
FHS Installs BridgeWave's 60 GHz AR60 Radios
TMCnet 06/18/09
Kulacom Deploys BridgeWave's Solutions for High Capacity WiMAX
Converge! Network Digest 06/16/09
BridgeWave Supplies Gigabit Backhaul for Kulacom in Jordan, Bahrain
WiMAX News 06/16/09
Kulacom Chooses BridgeWave for WiMAX in Jordan, Bahrain
TMCnet 05/17/09
BridgeWave Communications Receives Extension of Management Certification
TMCnet 05/07/09
BridgeWave Communications Achieves Newest ISO 9001:2008 Certification
TMCnet 04/16/09
BridgeWave Point-to-Point Wireless Links Come to N.C. County
TMCnet 04/08/09
Alcatel-Lucent, BridgeWave to Bolster Packet Microwave Radio Portfolio
Wireless Week 03/30/09
BridgeWave Launches High-Capacity Radios for Backhaul
New Paradigm Reources Group 03/25/09
Conversation with Communications Innovators: Amir Makleff, Chief Executive Officer and President of BridgeWave Communications (podcast)
W-Fi Planet 03/10/09
BridgeWave Communications Protects the President
Military Information Technology 03/01/09
Wireless Cryptography
Processor 02/27/09
Wireless Issues For Critical Applications
SearchTelecom 02/26/09
For Telecoms Expanding Services, Wireless Backhaul Gives Flexibility
MarketWatch 01/29/09
BearCom Releases 2009 Wireless Technology Report
TMCnet 01/28/09
State of Maryland Names BridgeWave Communications as Primary Gigabit Wireless Provider
IP Business Magazine 01/23/09
15% or 40% WiMAX Share Could Hinge on Capital Markets
Campus Technology 11/17/08
ASU Campus Nixes Fiber; Chooses Gigabit Wireless for Network Connectivity
Campus Technology 11/04/08
Cornell Hardens Campus Network with Gigabit Wireless
Radio Links

TMCnet 11/04/08
ORANO Deploys BridgeWave's Gigabit Wireless Links
Converge! Network Digest 09/24/08
Multi-gigabit 4G Backhaul with 80 GHz Bands
PC World 09/13/08
Coming Next: Gigabit Wi-Fi
Network World 09/11/08
IEEE readies launch of gigabit Wi-Fi project
TMCnet 09/11/08
Deer Creek School Deploys BridgeWave's Gigabit Wireless Links
Campus Technology 09/08/08
Coppin, Rush, CSU Fullerton Deploy Gigabit Wireless
Silicon Valley 09/04/08
People On The Move
Computer Business Review 09/04/08
Three more universities deploy BridgeWave’s gigabit wireless solution
Converge Network Digest 09/03/08
BridgeWave Supplies Gigabit Wireless for Campuses
TMCnet 09/03/08
Universities Adopt BridgeWave’s Gigabit Wireless Solutions
Unstrung 08/27/08
BridgeWave Hires SVP
PDF 08/25/08
Qwest Runs DNC Fiber
ISP Planet 08/13/08
Wireless Equipment Manufacturer Directory: BridgeWave Communications
IP Business News 08/05/08
Wireless Backhaul: Big Change Coming
Communications News 08/01/08
Wireless delivers jitter-free VoIP
Converge Network Digest 06/27/08
BridgeWave Raises $10 Million for Mobile Backhaul Solutions
Wireless Week 06/26/08
BridgeWave Funds Gigabit Backhaul for 4G
TechCrunchIT 06/25/08
BridgeWave Raises Further $10M in Series D for Gigabit Wi-Fi
Unstrung 06/25/08
Bridgewave Raises $10M
PDF 06/25/08
BridgeWave Enables Transition to WiMAX and LTE by Expanding Mobile Backhaul
ABC News 7 Online 05/30/08
A network of cameras is helping police in Newark fight crime. Cameras connected over a BridgeWave wireless backbone.
Campus Technology 05/15/08
Toronto College Upgrades Network with Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Links
IT World Canada 05/13/08
A Wireless Alternative To Outdoor Fibre
Business Solutions Magazine 05/01/08
Create A Wireless Certification Differentiation
ConstrucTech 04/08/08
Extending Your Network
Imaging Economics 04/06/08
Imaging Center Gets Remote Connectivity and Rapid Delivery
CCTV news 04/01/08
Manchester Metronet deploys BridgeWave technology to enhance CCTV
Telecom Paper 04/01/08
Manchester Metronet deploys BridgeWave's backhaul links
Microwave Journal 03/31/08
BridgeWave Supplies Backhaul Links to Manchester Metronet
Network World 03/11/08
CMOS radio chip reaches 5Gbps, researchers say 03/04/08
River Radiology Deploys BridgeWave’s Gigabit Wireless Link for Remote Connectivity and Rapid Deliver
Download PDF 02/27/08
Wireless GigE Helps Docs
Download PDF
Mobile Radio Technology 02/06/08
BridgeWave solution used by city of Temple, Texas
Download PDF 01/29/08
City expects wireless network to pay for itself in 3 years
Download PDF
Public Safty IT 01/23/08
City of Temple deploys BridgeWave’s gigabit-upgradeable wireless links
Download PDF
Government Computer News 01/21/08
Wireless rules for Oregon courts
Download PDF
Mobile Radio Technology 01/15/08
BridgeWave wireless links deployed by Temple, Texas

CED Magazine 01/14/08
BridgeWave builds wireless net for Texas town
Download PDF
Government Technology 01/14/08
Temple, Texas, Deploys Wireless Links to Deliver Voice, Data and Video Services
Download PDF
Homeland Security Today 01/14/08
BridgeWave to Provide Gigabit Wireless Links to Temple, TX. First Responders
Download PDF
Microwaves & RF 12/12/07
MM-Wave Links Are Making Key Connections
Download PDF
Public Safety IT 12/11/07
Dallas Police deploy BridgeWave’s high-capacity
wireless links

Download PDF
Security Products Online 12/03/07
Hot Spots, Cool Cameras
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ITWeb 11/16/07
BridgeWave Communications products now available from Duxbury Networking
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TMCnet 10/23/07
Oregon's Judicial Department Deploys BridgeWave's GigE Wireless Links
Download PDF
Telecom Web 10/22/07
GigE Wireless Beats Fiber In Oregon Court Battle
Download PDF
Government Technology 10/22/07
Oregon Judicial Department Removes Wireless Bandwidth Bottlenecks
Download PDF
ISP Planet 10/15/07
Wireless Broadband for Northern Virginia
Download PDF
ISP Planet 9/20/07
The 1 Gbps Full Duplex Radio
Download PDF
So who needs fiber?
Download PDF
Madison ISP Sustains Rapid Rollout of Metro Ethernet Services Powered by Gigabit Wireless Links
Download PDF
Adaptive Rate Technology Goes the Distance
Dallas PD Fights Crime With Video Surveillance
Intel invests in BridgeWave
BridgeWave Communications Links To $7.8M Investment
BridgeWave Introduces Strong Fixed Wireless Encryption
Engineering Firm Deploys Wireless Links to Restore Connectivity
Wireless Gigabit Ethernet on-the-fly
Big Bad Backhaul Blast
Wireless Networks Have 2+ Mile Range
Data link provides wireless-over-water connectivity
Gigabit wireless - in all kinds of weather
Responding to Incidents
BridgeWave Extends Reach of 'Four-Nines' Gigabit Wireless
New Jersey hospital links to 'sister' facility on Staten Island
Dallas Police Keep Eye on Crime With Wireless Network
Fighting Crime With WiFi
Gigabit wireless package handles strain of medical imaging, tough environment
Interview With Amir Makleff, President & CEO of BridgeWave: Why Wireless Is The Smart Choice
BridgeWave Communications Develops Longest-range 60 GHz Ethernet Wireless Link Using Simulink and Model-Based Design
SCM analog modulation for 21st century digital content, by Eli Pasternak, Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, BridgeWave Communictions
Wireless Bridges to Businesses
SCM Hits Wireless Broadband Market
BridgeWave links cable - Broadband Technology
BridgeWave Communications Doesn’t Reinvent The Wireless Modem
S-A Fires Up Wireless